My journey started when I was 8 years old and a neighbor handed me his Windows 3.1 workstation. I spent about a month every night digging through folders, running different programs, reading the Windows Help RTF files, wondering what anyone ever did with a program call MS-DOS, the list goes on. I was hooked on this crazy machine and all the wonders it provided.

From there, my elementary school had super simple classes on how to use computers. Later transforming into using the internet and the great search engine Yahoo!.
This only bolstered my interest and love.

Fast forward some years and one of my sister’s friends introduced me to Red Hat 5. We took a weekend, as well as some blood, sweat and tears but we had a completed install. I spent several months pouring over man pages and help texts feeding my genuine curiousity of the platform.

Many years later, these key moments are the very foundation for my desire to seek new adventures and always acquire skills from every project or collaboration I am part of.